About us

What is Service Human?

Love and laughter created the idea of Service Human to celebrate Humans serving Animals and Humans.

Become a part of a new movement that will hopefully spread nationwide! Everyone has someone or something that has influenced their caring nature. We are all Service Humans in some way, shape or form.

"Service Human" is an everyday phrase to describe all humans that give of themselves.

Our Pets start training us the minute we meet them. It might be as simple as how they want their belly rubbed - or NOT rubbed! Or maybe your pet has special needs. As their Human, they depend on our service to stay happy and healthy. Let's face it - The pets ARE training the humans. That is fine by us - We love and adore our "Trainers"!

Let's celebrate being a "Service Human in Training" by donning a t-shirt or tote-bag. We also carry a few products for the Trainer in your life. More products will be available soon.

For a limited time, all products have an introductory price! Start your Christmas shopping early and get great prices!

Who is a Service Human?

The owner of Service Human is Denise Tucci. Denise is active with a local no-kill shelter as a board member. Because of this involvement, she found herself networking with many other animal lovers. While volunteering at adopt-a-thons, Denise realized she was not alone in being a Service Human to a pet.


Denise is the SHiT..... meaning she is the "Service Human in Training" for a little peekapoo named Willis. He requires medication 3 times a day for seizures. He tells her when it's time! And immediately she jumps up to make sure he gets what he needs.

As a joke, she told a friend "You would think I am the Service Human in Training"! TaDa! A movement was born. 

Denise used her education and skills to create Service Human. She holds an MBA and 2 IT degrees in Visual Communications. Before completing her education, late in life, she was in the real estate industry for 20 years.

Her goal now is to make "Service Human" an everyday phrase to describe all humans that give of themselves. It is a lofty goal. To start this big project,"one bite at a time", she has started with the group of people who inspired the idea - animal lovers!

Where can I buy products?

Currently, Service Human products are available on our

Website - www.servicehumantraining.com

and on our Facebook Page -  https://www.facebook.com/servicehumantraining/

If you have an idea for a special item, a custom order or a question contact us at servicehumantraining@gmail.com

10% of proceeds will be donated to a local no-kill shelter.