What is a Service Human?

"Service Human"  is an everyday phrase to describe all humans that give of themselves.

We are all Service Humans in some way, shape, or form. As a Pet Owner, Parent, Child, Teacher, Student, Volunteer, Senior Citizen, Veteran, Service Industry worker or a Healthcare worker you are both - 

Service Human in Training and Service Human Trainer

We all give/take and teach/learn from each other.

Let's celebrate and honor being the "Service Human in Training"

 by donning a t-shirt or tote-bag.

Become a part of the Service Human Movement that is spreading nationwide! Everyone has someone or something that has influenced their caring nature. We have products for Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers and Humans! 


 All orders will be shipped within 7 to 14 business days.

Do you have new product ideas, special requests or any questions?

Contact us at servicehumantraining@gmail.com

10% of proceeds will be donated to a local no-kill shelter.

Live, Laugh, Love